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the sound that makes dreams come true.™

Uniting Humanity through the Power of Love.

The BING! is part of our "One Minute 7-Step Blue Ribbon Ceremony"

It is traditional for every person being honored to receive a BING!

BING! makes people laugh out loud - connect heart-to-heart - empower dreams -

and help make those dreams come true!

Our Goal

1 Billion People Honored

Making 1 Billion Dreams Come True

by December 31, 2020

a Tipping Point for Positive Social Change

for this Generation and All Generations to Come.


Get Started

3-Easy Steps

  1. VIEW Blue Ribbon Movie with others.

Click Invite your family, friends, teachers, kids, neighbors, businesspeople…everyone to watch. See "Grandma Sparky" honoring everyone at end of movie.

  1. ORDER 10 FREE Blue Ribbons - Click Here

  1. HONOR Others

  • Follow the “7-Step Blue Ribbon Ceremony” included in your 10 FREE Blue Ribbon package. Honor your Children - Teachers - Family - Friends - Neighbors - Business Associates ---everyone!

  • REMEMBER – Gift each person you honor with 2 more Blue Ribbons so they can Pay It Forward.


We Want to Honor YOU

And the People You Honor!

Help Us Spread "Good News"

Kindly Email Us Your Blue Ribbon Stories & Pictures

of the people you honored. Tell us how they make a difference.


Each month we will feature the best "Blue Ribbon Pictures and Stories" on our website.

  • Email us Your Pictures and Blue Ribbon Stories. Be certain that everyone in your picture is wearing their Blue Ribbon.

  • Tell Us Why you honored them and the difference they make.

  • Give Us Permission to post your story on our website and/or social media.


5 Leadership Training Programs that Bring Out the Goodness and Greatness in All People:


  1. "Who I Am Makes A Difference"® Blue Ribbon  Pay It Forward On-Line System. 

    1 hour On-line training with "Grandma Sparky" Discover 30 second to 1 minute processes designed to bring out the greatness in all people, Learn How To: 1) Honor others with sincerity and confidence, 2) Feel appreciated, respected and loved where you live, work and learn, 3) End conflict. 4) Raise self-esteem. 5) Bridge the gap between children and adults. 6) Empower dreams. 7) Live a life of passion, purpose and prosperity.

  1. "Standing Strong Together"™ - Certification CommUNITY Building Leadership Training - Teaching Humanity How to Love (Ages 10-80). Your trainer - "Grandma Sparky". Become a certified "Blue Ribbon Ambassador". Receive Blue Ribbon Handbook to teach a 50-minute Acknowledgment Training.  Click Here for all the Details or speak with “Grandma Sparky” directly.


  1. Advanced Leadership for Graduates of "Standing Strong Together"Blue Ribbon Ambassadors" Coaching System (ages 10-80). Empowering, supporting and uplifting "Blue Ribbon Ambassadors"- 1 hr. monthly coaching system. For more information email:


  1. "Blue Ribbon Week" Teaching Unity and Love -Train-to-Train System Schools (K-12 grade), Colleges/Universities, Teachers, Families, Organizations, Institutions, Religious Institutions, Government Agencies, Businesses, Military, Volunteers, Neighborhoods---everyone. Trainer: "Grandma Sparky"



  1. "High Impact Leadership"™ Leadership System…How to produce meetings in half the time with twice the degree of excellence. For directors, managers, principals…leaders who make a difference. In a minute or less discover how to build supportive empowering team, inspire innovation, productivity and prosperity, be acknowledged for making a difference in your community, country and world. 1 Day Training by "Grandma Sparky" and selected experts. For more information



SPECIAL time with "Grandma Sparky"

practicing exercises that will appear in

her upcoming book


" Flat World - Round World to Out this World"

The Bridge to Making the World Work for All People… With No One Left Out

This is for a selected team of 20-30 kids and adults ages (10-80) Sparky". For more information email

DONATE to Make A Difference

Sponsor a Classroom, School Assembly, Community Events and Leadership Training for Youth (Ages 10-22). Help young people build their inner strength, learn how to eradicate bullying, end violence, advert suicide, and build safe, healthy and happy homes, schools, businesses and communities so that all people may live, dream and succeed.

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Help Us "Bring the BING!"

the Sound that Makes Dreams Come True

Uniting Humanity Through the Power of Love


Global Campaign


Honoring 1 Billion People…Making 1 Billion Dreams Come True

by December 31, 2020



In a minute or less…by Honoring People…YOU can


Bring Out the Goodness and Greatness

in All People

Create Safe, Empowering and Supportive

Homes - Schools - Neighborhoods


So that People of Every Age, Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation and Economic Status may -


Live, Dream and Succeed

Stand Strong Together

Eradicate Bullying

End Violence

Avert Suicide

Inspire Innovation

Empower Dreams that Make Our World

Safer - Healthier - Happier for All People

for this Generation and All Generations to Come

Love, Grandma Sparky