HELICE “SPARKY” BRIDGES – “Grandma Sparky…Grandma to 5 beautiful children

Founder BLUE RIBBONS WORLDWIDE…Uniting Humanity through the Power of Love


In 1979, Sparky did not know how to solve the problems of the world. She was going through a divorce, lost, alone and desperate for love. She had thoughts of committing suicide on a daily basis. So how did this 37 year-old wife, mother and successful businesswoman manage to find a way to heal the pain of others, and bring love to 40 million people throughout the world. And now at the young age of 75, she’s on a mission to impact 1 billion by the year 2020.

Sparky is an international speaker, author, trainer, mentor to leaders of leaders and designer for the transformation of whole communities. She has been called “The Mother Teresa of Self-Esteem” and a cross between Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Lucille Ball. Her wisdom and humor lightens people up and helps them see that they can make their dreams really do come true while improving the quality of life for our planet.

Sparky’s signature "Who I Am Makes A Difference"® Blue Ribbon story was #1 for 10 weeks on YouTube in the nonprofit category, proving, that in a minute or less, love saves lives, heals broken relationships and helps make dreams come true.

In 1979, at age 37, Sparky divorced her husband, gave up her successful real estate career, and longed to find a way to make a difference. When she discovered the San Diego Hunger Project and learned that 21 children were dying every minute for lack of food, she immediately volunteered as co-chair, built a team of volunteers and in the next 8 months enrolled 10,000 people do something to help end world hunger.

During that time, Sparky spoke at school and community assemblies, teaching kids and adults how to help end world hunger. Following her talks, people approached her sharing their pain -

“My dad just lost his job and we’re going to lose our home,” cried a 12 year old boy.

“My wife has cancer and we don’t know what to do,” sobbed a husband.

“My son just got arrested for drugs and he was just put in jail,” screamed a mom.

Sparky was going through a painful divorce and had no clue how to solve their problems. She felt lost, alone and desperate to solve her own problems as well as ending world hunger. 

She prayed for a way to help herself and bring hope to others. It occurred to her that people like herself were literally starving to be appreciated, respected and loved, recognize their value and make their dreams come true.

The “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Blue Ribbon Ceremony was born out of her desire to create a world where all people would feel connected, valued and loved.

In 1983, Sparky founded Difference Makers International, a nonprofit educational organization, committed to helping all people realize that who they are makes a difference. She began to teach kids, teachers, parents, neighbors, businesspeople---everyone how to express their appreciation, respect and love, value uniqueness and empower dreams.

As a result of her commitment, over 40 million people have been touched by her Blue Ribbon Message, saving lives, ending violence and making dreams come true.

In early 2016, needing to take a long rest, Sparky stepped off Difference Makers international’s Board of Directors. Revitalized, in late 2017, Sparky founded Blue Ribbons Worldwide, a nonprofit organization committed to uniting humanity through the power of love.

It was her commitment to find a way to-


  • It is Grandma Sparky’s Dreams that 1 billion people will be honored with a “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Blue Ribbon by 2020

  • 1 out of every 7 on the planet knowing that who they are makes a difference…a tipping point for positive social change.

  • And she needs your help to make this dream come true!

This amazing 75 year young grandma has been traveling the world teaching people how to restore trust and love through Blue Ribbon Worldwide “Standing Strong Together”™ Blue Ribbon Community Building Leadership Systems. She’s developed train-to-train programs for schools (K-12), universities, families, businesses, organizations, institutions and military.

Our outrageous and courageous Grandma Sparky’s deepest desire is that you will know who you are, why you were born and the difference you can make. And you will not be alone, instead you will be part of a global team helping to unite humanity through the power of love for this generation and all generations to come.