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OUR GOAL - One Billion People Honored With A Blue Ribbon In 2020

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“BING!” the Sound of 1 Billion Dreams 1 Billion Honored…1 Billion Dream Dreams Coming True by 2020

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Josh – Biggest Bully Transforms School and Community
“I was the biggest bully in my school, a straight F student, living in a small trailer with my drug addicted mom. After the Blue Ribbon Standing Strong Together program, I was able to apologize to everyone I hurt, which changed the way kids at my school treated each other. One month later I won the “San Diego Unified School District Above and Beyond” Award. I’m in high school now and a spokesperson for the WHO I AM MAKES A DIFFERENCE program. I want every kid to know that they deserve to feel appreciated and loved.”

Stephanie Mayberry, Public Relations – Wal-Mart – Indiana
“The Who I Am Makes A Difference Blue Ribbon Community Building Leadership System helped the children in our community turn the tide away from violent and disrespectful acts replacing them with acknowledgment, understanding and inspiration. We shared the news about the benefits of 'Who I Am Makes A Difference' Acknowledgment via Radio Wal-Mart, reaching an estimated 2,000 stores affecting the lives of over 250,000 employees and customers.”

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One Billion People Honored…One Billion Dreams Coming True in 2020
Transforming Anger, Apathy, and Violence into Dignity and Respect Among All People

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