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Uniting Humanity Through The Power of Love
OUR GOAL - 1 Billion People Honored, 1 Billion Dreams Coming True!

Standing Strong Together™
Community Building Leadership Training Certification

Discover how to create a successful life using the Blue Ribbon 5 Star Foundation.

Advancing Human Potential.
Youth and adults ages 10-80 side-by-side,
learning each other's wisdom
to solve the major problems facing our planet.

Blue Ribbon
5 Star Foundation Principles

  • Acknowledge Worth of Self
  • Acknowledge Worth of Others - The Blue Ribbon
  • Building Trust with Love and Compassion
  • Empowering and Supporting Dreams
  • Making A Difference in Community, Country, and World
Joyful Teens
Providing youth leadership skills and opportunities
to teach their peers, teachers, parents, neighbors,
community, and the world!

Joyful Teens 3
Our Leadership Training
Will Help
  • Express appreciation, respect, and love intervention.
  • Improve social and emotional literacy.
  • Create authentic and compassionate conversations.
  • Encourage and empower dreaming and succeeding.
  • Accelerate career development.
  • Promote community service.
  • Develop leadership skills. 
  • Enhance Academic excellence.
Blue Ribbon

What do people say about the Blue Ribbon Ceremony?
"It's fun, powerful, inexpensive, and changes lives in a minute or less!"

Blue Ribbon Ceremony 2
Blue Ribbon Ceremony

"Everyone wants to be acknowledged even when they may say that they
don't. The Blue Ribbon helps to create (re-engage) a habit that will change
lives INSTANTLY, simply because of ACKNOLWEDGEMENT!"

“The One-Minute Who I Am Makes A Difference® Blue Ribbon Ceremony is the antidote to anger, violence, and self-destruction.”
- Dr. Ken Druck, Pioneer in the fields of psychology, aging, mental health, resilience.

“The Blue Ribbon Community Building System should be used by all educators in their efforts to ready students for a life in society.
It gives kids pride, purpose and the ability to overrun negativism and transform the world.”
- Steve Ahle, Distinguished Principal of the Year - State of California

“This program is giving kids a way to create a community built on appreciation, peave, creativity, respect and love. This program saves kids' lives. It's helping to make our dreams come true. It helps parents realize they are important. It reminds teachers that they make a difference. Kids teaching kids worked brilliantly. Our 5-6 graders taught this program to the younger students. Because of this success, hundreds of parents showed up for the family evening.”
- Shelly Peterson, Principal Crestview Elementary

Leadership Training Materials

Participants Receive:

  • Session Training Manuals
  • 7-Step Community Leadership Training System
  • Blue Ribbon Starter Kit & Autographed Book
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Blue Ribbon Ambassador Certification of Graduation
  • Student Digital Library


  • Opportunity to be acknowledged throughout the world as a Blue Ribbon Worldwide Standing Strong Together™ sponsor helping to Give Youth a Voice to Unite Humanity Through the Power of Love.
  • Promoted across Blue Ribbons Worldwide communication properties such as website, social media sites, at events, etc.
  • Brand promotion in Blue Ribbon Worldwide events and campaigns to increase brand presence, loyalty, and impact.
  • Connect with current consumers (parents, educators, businesses) and future consumers and employees (students) building brand trust and relevance.
  • Take advantage of the 501(c)3 tax write-off.

Give Youth a Voice to Unite Humanity Through the Power of Love today!

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