2017 – Bangladesh “Grandma Sparky” invited to honor Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Muhammad Yunus - social entrepreneur, banker, economist, and civil society leader.  Mr. Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for founding the Grameen Bank and pioneering the concepts of microcredit and microfinance.

When I honored Mr. Yunus and gave him a BING! he burst out laughing at the sound of BING!, a powerful part of honoring someone with a Blue Ribbon that makes people laugh and dreams come true. The Blue Ribbons Worldwide global campaign to Honor 1 Billion invites you to “Bring the BING!” in your community… One Billion People Honored, One Billion Dreams Come True!

Helice “Grandma Sparky” Bridges receives a Proclamation declaring Difference Makers Blue Ribbon Day for San Diego.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer hugs Grandma Sparky after receiving Proclamation.

Honoring Blue Ribbon Supporters sharing the excitement with Grandma Sparky Left to right – Entrepreneur John Blake, Blue Ribbon Ambassador, East Lake High Student -November Kiahtipes, Founder Leap to Success -Dana Bristol Smith, Owner Four Points Sheraton Hotel – Lucy Burni, Businessman & Real Estate Guru - Jason Stewart, Blue Ribbon Youth Success Week Volunteer Project Manager – Jill Banker

Grandma Sparky has been a volunteer for 8 years on the Steering Committee for Community Alliance for Youth Success (CAYS). A National Movement for Youth Success. Together this awesome team of community and youth leaders produces Youth Success Week (YSW).YSW is focused on engaging communities and inspiring youth to discover their purpose and explore their success. Youth Success Week is founded by Stedman Graham – American Author, Speaker, and Businessman, and Bobbi DePorter, co-founder and president of Quantum Learning Network and
president of Learning Forum International.

Grandma Sparky with Stedman Graham – (Bobbi DePorter in the background) at Quantum Learning Network’s building. The picture was taken at our monthly CAYS meetings to create a duplicable model for Youth Success Week throughout our nation and world.

Grandma Sparky with US Army Garrison Commander – Colonel Jonathan Braga - Ft. Irwin Training Center. Grandma Sparky keynoting the US Army 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War and Women’s Equality Day.


Helice ‘Grandma Sparky’ Bridges powerful keynote and acknowledgment process at our US Army Women’s Equality Day made us laugh out loud and equally, brought tears to our eyes. In less than a minute, her Blue Ribbon Ceremony deeply helped heal our relationship with ourselves, our fellow soldiers, and our family. We are honored to have her as a keynote speaker at the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War so that all our soldiers have the profound opportunity to honor our Vietnam Vets. - Colonel Jonathan Braga

US Army Women’s Equality Day – Men and Women soldiers honor each other with “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Blue Ribbons.

Many soldiers were brought to tears, telling Grandma Sparky that "they will now go home and honor their wives and children."

Grandma Sparky with Jack Canfield, a best-selling author, and coach. Founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises & The Canfield Training Group, author of the best-selling book “The Success Principles”. Because of Jack, our “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Blue Ribbon Story was published in the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series which made it possible for our Blue Ribbon Message to impact over 50 million people worldwide saving lives, reducing bullying, ending violence, enhancing self-esteem and making dreams come true!

Youth Success Week “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Blue Ribbon Assembly. Elementary, middle, and high school students stepped on stage and shared how they had been bullied.

Eric, a high school student, shares his story and honors Grandma Sparky at the Youth Success Week assembly.
In school, I was bullied a lot. So, I began to bully young kids. But today, seeing the tears in the eyes of all the kids on stage sharing how they’ve been bullied I realized that ain’t me, that’s not the person I’m supposed to be. - Eric

Youth Success Week. Grandma Sparky combines 750 elementary, middle, and high school students, and uses the 7-Step 'Who I Am makes A Difference"® Blue Ribbon Acknowledgment System to show them how they can collaborate to end bullying, eradicate violence, avert adolescent suicide, enhance self-esteem, and make dreams come true in a minute or less.

High school girls and boys acknowledge the worth and importance of each other, share their dreams and give each other a BING!...the sound that Makes Dreams Come True! The “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Acknowledgment System is the tool that Unites Humanity Through the Power of Love.

Girls share their dreams. Each honoring the other with a “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Blue Ribbon and cheer each other on!

Grandma Sparky invites elementary students to step on the stage to talk about when they were bullied and how it has hurt them, share their dreams, and receive support and love from their peers.

4-year-old Lyla says, “I put my ribbon under my pillow at night because it helps me make my dreams come true.”

Staff at El Camino High School honoring each other with “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Blue Ribbon. Acknowledgment is fun, moving, and inspiring for all.
Laughter and tears of joy! Staff members honoring and reminding each other how much they make a difference.

The “Who I Am Makes A Difference”® Blue Ribbon Acknowledgment brings people together.

Principal Doug Kriedeman, El Camino High School, Oceanside, CA is honored for being a connector, innovator, committed to every student, teacher, and making sure every staff member knows how valuable they are.

Principal Doug Kriedeman honors Grandma Sparky.

Principal Doug Kriedeman gives Grandma Sparky a BING! 
Together we acknowledge what’s working in our world, the dreams of others, and help to make those dreams come true.   
BRING the BING! Join our global movement to honor 1 Billion! 


Fire Chief John Cunningham - 9-11 Ground Zero

“What I experienced next forever changed me. As we walked away from Ground Zero, New York was silent. If you have ever visited the City, you will know that it is anything far from quiet. This event, at least for a little bit, changed that. Walking away from Ground Zero was surreal. We soon realized that we are returning to civilian life again-however changed it now was. 

As we rounded the corner and exited the restricted zone, thousands of people lined the street. It was incredibly quiet. As we tiredly and slowly walked forward the crowd became alive. People were clapping, yelling, and waving flags and signs. The two of us continued our walk without a word spoken, realizing that the thousands of people gathered were here to show their support and unity to everyone that was working at the site- we included.

As we continued forward, a young girl broke from the crowd and ran forward. She hugged both of us and handed both of us each a Blue Ribbon. On the ribbon was inscribed, ‘Who I Am Makes A Difference’. These are words we live by to this day.”


“Helice ‘Sparky’ Bridges, Founder of Blue Ribbons Worldwide, follows in the shoes of great leaders like Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Her powerful ‘Who I Am Makes A Difference’ Blue Ribbon System gives children and adults of all ages the long overdue right to be appreciated, respected, loved, and nurtured by the society in which they live.” 

- Jack Canfield, named One of the Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement by Success Magazine 2015. Best selling books include; Chicken Soup for the Soul book series and The Success Principals.

“Blue Ribbons Worldwide has created a necessary tool to bring about a great change in today’s society.” 

- Spencer Johnson, M.D.New York Times Best-Selling Author - “Who Moved My Cheese”, co-author “The One Minute Manager”



“The Blue Ribbon Community Building Program should be used by all educators in their efforts to ready students for a life in society. It gives kids pride, purpose, and the ability to overrun negativism and transform the world.”

- Steve Ahle, Distinguished Elementary Principal of the Year for the State of California

This program is giving kids a way to create a community built on appreciation, peace, creativity, respect, and love. This program saves kids’ lives. It’s helping to make our dreams come true. It helps parents realize they are important. It reminds teachers that they make a difference. Kids teaching kids worked brilliantly. Our 5 -6 graders taught this program to the younger students. Because of this success, hundreds of parents showed up for the family evening.” 

- Dr. Shirley Peterson, Lincoln High School - San Diego 

“Our students and staff worked seamlessly to effectively implement the ‘Blue Ribbon Community Building’ program. The Blue Ribbon exercise gave our students a powerful education and hands-on opportunities to tell others how much they were appreciated, respected and loved. Over nine hundred students wrote essays reflecting on their experiences. After reading these essays, I knew this endeavor made a profound difference for our students and community. We have adopted this program for our entire school year and on to the next.”

- Janet M. Whiddon, Washington Middle School Vista Unified School District



“I was the biggest bully in my school, homeless, a straight F student and dumpster diving to find food for me and my drug-addicted mom who lived in a tent under a freeway. After the Blue Ribbon Week at my school, I was able to apologize to everyone I hurt and stop bullying. My principal was so impressed she nominated me for the “San Diego Unified School District Above and Beyond” Award. I was one of five kids in the entire school district who received that award. I want every kid to know that they deserve to feel appreciated and loved.”

“I was cutting myself. Crying to sleep each night. No one knew the pain I felt inside. Even though I’m the head cheerleader in my school and make straight A’s. I never felt I was enough. I was able to share what I was feeling during the Blue Ribbon Training. My peers hugged me and said they understood. I received immediate help from my counselors, parents, and peers.”