Podcast - with Travis & Pete  --- this is AWESOME/SPONTANEOUS...these young men were about to do their podcast on anxiety...we met a few minutes before their were on air...I honored each...the honoring was soooo incredibly moving for them that they said they were going to change their podcast from anxiety to talk all about me and the blue ribbon.  We could have paid thousands of dollars to get a commercial like this one!


Podcast for Center for Conscious Kids -  Center for Conscious Kids is the creation of  Ashley Lee -  RN, BSN, CCRN - Changework Technology Optimizer as CEO & Founder at Access Infinite Knowledge -Senior Advisor and Consultant in developing Conscious World Leaders starting at the moment of Conception.   Ashley is an expert leader and innovator in the field of Pediatric Energy Healing - She is a medical intuitive with 30 years of Pediatric / Newborn Cardiovascular Critical Care nursing who demonstrates expertise in a deep understanding of advanced human physiology and has extensive pediatric neuro-critical care expertise in understanding brain and nervous system integration.

Video - Martin Luther King Middle School for Youth Success Week...we may have this video on our website...it's an all day training with me and 750 elementary, middle and high school students along with parents, teachers, superintendent of the school district.